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In less than fifty years, a pagan world was turned upside down by Jesus fever. Everyone wanted to be like Jesus. His followers were called “little Christs,” or Christians. Converts were being added to the local church daily, and the message of the gospel was exciting. But today, Jesus has become a ridiculed figure in society and an embarrassment to Christians. What happened?


In Restoring Jesus, you will see the gospels in a fresh light that goes back to the first century to discover who Jesus really is. Author Dr. Jeffery Elliot invites you to think about why the apostles believed in Jesus so strongly that they were willing to die torturous deaths—what made them so confident in Jesus’ identity? But through their own eyewitness accounts, we can have our sight restored to the truth and believe in Jesus just as the apostles did.


Read ancient prophecies, revel in divine signs, explore eyewitness accounts, and comb through historical documents to find the hidden truth that is missing from the church today. Although many in the church today have had their eyes diverted from the truth of Jesus’s identity, you can look to the Word and once again see the powerful, life-transforming truth of Christ.